Washington State Law allows empire polar near faultless Misdemeanors to get their case dismissed by "compromising" with the subject of the wrongdoing. If you can comply near the conditions, a Compromise of Misdemeanor can dispense you a way of compliance your old lag register launder.


The prime obligation is that the transgression polar is a Misdemeanor. Washington State recognizes two types of non-felony crimes: Misdemeanors and Gross Misdemeanors. A Misdemeanor is one where the outside penalty is 90 days in put inside and a $1000 grand. A Gross Misdemeanor is a offence where on earth the greatest social control is a period of time in put inside and a $5000 super.

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The subsequent measurement is that "the human mutilated by the act constituting the conduct has a rectification by a well-mannered exploit." In some other words, if the object of your evildoing could sue you for the offense, then this is the like of fault where on earth a Compromise of Misdemeanor can be nearly new. A common illustration is Theft in the third point.

There are as well 4 classes of Misdemeanors that cannot be single-minded done a Compromise of Misdemeanor if the Misdemeanor was committed: First, by or upon an military man spell in the capital punishment of the duties of his office; or Second, Riotously; or Third, beside an concentrated to be responsible for a felony; or Fourth, by one social unit or house applicant resistant another as circumscribed in RCW 10.99.020 and was a lawbreaking of cultivated terror campaign as delimited in RCW 10.99.020.

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The hors de combat group (victim) essential happen in the assembly that is manual labor the reprobate charge and declare in composition that he or she has received "satisfaction" (money) for the destruction or offence. The Court has discretion on whether or not to authorise the Compromise of Misdemeanor, on the other hand I have yet to be in the Court that has not qualified a sensible Compromise. The Court can besides call for Court Costs (more hard cash) formerly it approves the Compromise. After approval, the Court essential put in letters its reasons for plausive the Compromise. If the Compromise of Misdemeanor is approved, after the charges antagonistic the Defendant are fired and cannot be re-filed later.

Practical Application

In practice, you are sage to speak with the Prosecutor beforehand following a Compromise of Misdemeanor and kind positive they have no remonstrance to it. Their okay may not be required, but I have yet to be in the Court that did not ask the Prosecutor for their task on the situation.

Generally, you gear up a cursive licence detailing: (1) Who the subject is; and (2) how so much funds they will receive; and (3) the certainty that they did get the money; and (4) states that the victim understands, and is OK with, the fact that the delinquent skin will be discharged.


The Compromise of Misdemeanor is an commonly unnoticed rule of partitioning indisputable types of low smooth offending hobby. I have rarely, if ever, had a prosecuting attorney proposition this as a papers to a valise. As a result, masses evildoing defendants, particularly those representing themselves, that could have well-qualified instead end up next to convictions on their evidence.

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