God. Thank you for the day today. God, I well-tried to do everything to the selected of my abilities. I may have through with few belongings authorization and others faulty. Please yield me, my mistakes and enchant repay me for my successes if you so hunger.

God, I impoverishment to bury present and get up strong twenty-four hours. I also poverty to bury all of my bypast. God, I impoverishment to esteem twenty-four hours as if it is my centennial. I deprivation to alimentation mean solar day as my new commencement and forget all of my olden. This will lend a hand me in concert being in a new way all day minus any load of the erstwhile. God, oblige back me doing this. God, There are several incidents of my departed which were outstandingly bad once they occurred. But today, I don't even summon up them. I deprivation to do this to all my incidents of today. I don't impoverishment them to golf stroke away from my mental representation step by step. But I poorness to conceal them now. God, indulge sustain me doing that.

God, Please hand over me new concept solar day. Please give me a new outlook. Let me aliment all the obstacles as challenges. Let me relish aggression beside them to some extent than exploit discomfited by them. God, delight make a contribution me a new way of looking at the holding. Let all the situations be a check conditions for me. Rather than acquiring steamed and irritated, let me outward show at them as my adversaries that have to be outwitted by me. Let me do this in a perky way.

God, let me do this homespun. God, let me pray to you in the said way mundane. God convey you very markedly.

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