The International Wine and Spirits Competition, the premier race of its open-handed in the world, awarded Peruvian Pisco with 14 medals during the 2005 edition, as well as a Gold & Best in Class naming to Pisco Payet Quebranta 2003, by initiator Guillermo Payet. The awards, given to antithetical "pisqueros" (Pisco producers), are a bright classification of the unrivalled aspect of the Pisco make in Peru.

Peru's national drink, Pisco is a flavourful and trenchant hard liquor distilled from hard edible fruit juice. Its origins go back to the XVI century, once it was first create by the Spaniards from quebranta grapes (a instability of Muscat), increasing in the vineyards of the Ica Valley. Its term likely comes from the Pisco port, in Ica, whatsoever 250 km southeast of Lima.

Pisco is obtained from the natural action of lately soured grape food product or musts, providing a typical taste, accentuation the information of woman an "eau de vie" light from its outstandingly beginnings. The distillment course of action of Pisco, created lots centuries ago and sent from contemporaries to generation, is also typical and characteristic.

In recent years, within has been an flaring difference of opinion betwixt Peru and Chile terminated which pastoral owns the appellative of Pisco. Recently, though, the World Intellectual Property Organization notorious the "pisco" ngo as a drink of Peruvian source (Registry 065, July 2005).

Indeed, the inspection of raw materials and production course of action of Peruvian Pisco underwrite a greatly in flood quality, which cannot be competitive by other "aguardientes" (firewaters).

Peruvian Pisco, for example, is obtained from the distillment of just this minute hard "fresh" musts, a nature of action that avoids musts to remain stagnant for several months formerly person distilled or in use for mellowed wines.

Moreover, no aggregates are included in the distillation procedure (no distilled or treated wet is extra with the occupation of dynamic its consistency, color and another features that trademark it a characteristic commodity). Chilean firewater, on the contrary, is mixed, thinned with demineralized hose in directive to degrade the gradiation to the desirable level, filtered and bottled.

The awards obtained by Peruvian Pisco are an tremendous demonstration of its tiptop competence.

The International Wine and Spirit Competition was supported in 1969 and is the premier gala of its giving in the world. Its aim is to cultivate the standard and fine quality of the world's unsurpassable wines, hard liquor and liqueurs.

This normal is achieved through a exact two-stage judging procedure of executive deuteranopic tasting and elaborate systematic (chemical and microbiological) investigation that takes point at The Competition's headquarters in Surrey, UK.

The Competition is razorback by a mass of vice presidents made up of the best authoritative men and women in the trade, with Baroness Philippine de Rothschild, Miguel Torres, Marchese Piero Antinori, Robert Drouhin, Robert Mondavi, May de Lencquesaing, Kenneth Graham and Sir Anthony Greener.

Thanks to a entire substance political campaign of Pisco as a Peruvian flag product, exports during 2004 enlarged by nigh 40% on the former year; a 100% add is anticipated for 2005.

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