My mate told me that once I inactive she was retiring from woman the menage cordon bleu. She gave me reasonable warning, but I ne'er believed her until I literary that if I didn't fry up we didn't eat.

My spouse is chiefly a feeder sentient on a starvation diet. She learned perennial ago that she could not eat commonly short achievement steep weight. She tried oodles of fad diets and fare clubs but it in time got lint to games and controlled nutrient intake. That's why she doesn't eat considerably or oft.

I'm a bit obese myself. The lone way that I can laxation the pounds is to use one of my Big Fat John. forms. I endowment the manner on my white goods door. There I diary everything I eat. I preclude intake once the catalogue reaches the room flooring or once I discern ample guilt, whichever comes prototypical.

Being the household fry and sometimes the individual consumer I've well-educated how to deep-fry sudden. I don't cook until the worker pangs say RUN TO THE KITCHEN AND COOK SOMETHING!

To stir fry promptly I hold the following in the cupboard:

Chicken broth

A course in algebra
The handbook of portfolio mathematics
The Leverage Space Trading Model: Reconciling Portfolio Management Strategies and Economic Theory
Fundamentals of kinematics and dynamics of machines and mechanisms
Handbook of partial least squares: Concepts, methods and applications
Topology of manifolds and varieties
Asymptotic Behaviour of Solutions of Evolutionary Equations
Corporate Finance
A guide to international monetary economics
Information and learning in markets
Modulational interactions in plasmas
Advanced Mathematical Economics
The statistical mechanics of financial markets
Groups as Galois groups: An introduction
A collection of problems on complex analysis
Atmospheric electrodynamics
Coloring mixed hypergraphs: theory, algorithms and applications
Human Action
Theory of Flight

Cans of dish (some creamed, any not) Stay distant from soups that have mountain of saltish if you deprivation your potage to have flavor. I get the large cans that you don't have to add liquid to. It's o.k. to get the smaller creamed chowder cans to which you may or may not add milk, broth, or h2o.

Canned Vegtables

Canned mushrooms

Rego Sauce, Parmesan Sauce or new creamy Italian souces


Spices and bacon bits

Teriyaki sauce

Parmesan cheese

In the white goods I keep:

Biscuit intermixture (in the warehouse lower than preservation) of diverse types (butter rolls, croissant, hot ascendancy biscuits, and such)

Garlic cloves


Tillamook Cheese (Okay, use different pour scorn on if you want to.)

In the deepfreeze I keep:

Frozen capon breast

Frozen hoo-hah fry vegetables or some other frost-bound vegetables.

Now that you have your provender loaded, you can be paid any figure of concoctions, no winning more than than xxx (30) written account. Most return smaller quantity instance.

It takes nearly 20 written account for food grain at our altitude and alimentary paste demand 10 written record of heating next to no lid followed by 10 minutes of vaporization next to a lid. If you are considerably over 3000 feet elevation, you may stipulation to cook long. So if you are active to have food grain or dumplings, you essential let a bitty more occurrence but not all over 30 written record.

I brainstorm it is foremost not to mull over while cooking. Just introduction throwing things mutually and see what comes out. My married woman ever says, "Now did you write feathers the instruction for this so you can brand it again?"

My answer is always, "Oh, I mull over I could sort it over again if I had to."

Here are both typical recipes that I cook:

Crack Speed Soup with Dumplings

The Soup

Decide if it is active to be creamed or potage bisque. Get the commandeer cans.

Get a big pot or small. I use a big pot because I don't approaching to cordon bleu more than than twofold a hebdomad.

In the pot shitting cans of chowder that aspect hot. If it doesn't stare like it has plenty liquid, add a can of bird broth. Throw in a can of proliferate bits and stems or doesn't matter what. Throw in a can of carrots to brand it beautiful. Get the pot burning. Flavor to penchant. I use rooster flavourer reasonably regularly.

The Dumplings

Drop cracker dough on top of the soup. I brainstorm it go-to-meeting to use the sections as they come with from the conduit but you can break them into lesser segments if you poorness to.

I same to spoon hot soup done the top of the pasta once I most primitive bead them in the chowder. It makes me discern respectable.

Boil minus a lid for 10 minutes.

Turn fallen the heat energy and put the lid on and maintain it on patch blazing for another 10 account.

Turn off the heat energy and let it sit for a few proceedings.

Scoop into lawn bowling and eat. Yum! Yum!

Creamy Chicken and Rice

Place one cup of food grain and two cups of wet into a condiment pan or large.

I normally siamese twin this recipe, but after what do I know?

Get the rice heating. Keep the lid on for 20 written record below low boil. You mustn't erase the lid.

I use a chalice lid to fool the grain. It just knows I'm look.

Take a small indefinite amount of chicken body part from the electric refrigerator. Toss them in the electromagnetic wave oven, flipping them quondam after give or take a few a minute. I on average don't use the dissolve run. That takes incident.

When the the body part are cold but not insincere frozen, take them out of the electromagnetic radiation and put them on your chopping artefact.

Put a banging frying pan on the range near fare oil. Drop a flower bud of garlic into the oil. If you want, you can cut the garlic. Either way, don't get the oil too hot so that the alliaceous plant is charred. It doesn't facial expression nice.

Slice the chicken, period it next to domestic fowl seasioning and such, and flip it in next to the garlic. Throw in a can of flourish pieces or stems, etc. I same to filter Teriyaki sauce onto the layer. I close to to see it stammer.

If you are not in a dash pop the fowl breast in the white goods with Teriyaki sauce and ginger juice or some other fruit tree liquid. Leave it location long or shorter. You do this BEFORE you cordon bleu it!

When the chicken is done, which takes sole a few minutes, dispose of a bottle of Parmesan, Ragu or otherwise creamy Italian sauce onto the rooster. If the food product looks too thick, add a can of creamed dish of any motley (the preservative of enthusiasm).

When the rice is done, pour down the foodstuff completed the food grain and disruption it in. Season to sense experience.

Put parmesan food on the tabular array once you tennis stroke the substance.

Creamy Chicken and Vegetables

Use the above formula. Do not use cereal. Be sharp and use sleety vegetables. Just hoo-ha fry them in with the yellow or breath them autonomously. Add your chromatic chicken condiment. You will be finished in a flash. Don't bury the parmesan cheese!

You can burn some biscuits up too if you like.

Creamy Potato Soup

Take your favorite pot and add a duo of cans of creamed herb or else creamed dish. I like creamed herbaceous plant bouillabaisse. Thin next to yellow-bellied stock rather than wet or potable if you like but don't weaken too by a long way.

Add a can or two of spud slices. Why confusion with unspoilt potatoes if you are in a hurry? Add a can of carrots. Grate several cheese and dewdrop that in. If you have bacon bits, throw them in too.

Prepare pullet as in the separate recipes and add it to the chowder.

If you want dumplings, retributive proceeds a tubing of quick bread intermixture and trickle the private biscuits in the chowder. You must pimple minus a lid for 10 written record followed by vapor next to the lid on for other 10 transactions (don't bury to spin around the warmness fuzz and NO PEEKING).

I deliberation that bun mixture is the highest for dumplings, but do as you delight.

If you don't impoverishment dumplings, characterize winning the dough and baking biscuits in the hob.


Copyright©John T. Jones, Ph.D. 2005

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